Episode 16 – Social Media Is The New First Impression – Natalie & Vicki

Episode 16 – Social Media Is The New First Impression – Natalie & Vicki

This week on Industry Elites, Vicki & Natalie continue to talk about how social media is really the new first impression. Whether that is a business trying to reach more clients or an individual trying to get that new job; the first impression is no longer saved for the initial meeting but now very much transferred to their online reputation. Trends have allowed for businesses and brands to increase their likeability by connecting with different social movements and connecting with local vendors within their community. 

Aside from businesses, when it comes to individuals looking for jobs, beware of recruiters taking to your social media to get an impression of who you are prior to even reaching out to you. Whatever you are posting to social media can truly affect your current or future employment. In this episode, Vicki and Natalie dive-deep into what employers are looking for and where their judgements begin. Listen more to find what they are!

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