Industry Elites Walks Businesses Through Social Media Marketing

Industry Elites Walks Businesses Through Social Media Marketing

Businesses have come to realize the importance that social media played in their marketing strategies, even prior to COVID-19. Industry Elites wants to help when it comes to building people’s businesses’ and their online portfolios; in which social media is a large part of that.

There have been some social platforms that have been on the top of the popularity charts for almost a decade now, and some new platforms that have quickly become cult favourites. Industry Elites has created a list of the most popular platforms today:


Everyone knows and has seen how powerful Instagram is as a resource; especially for promoting a business, individual, product, or brand. When used for promotion, it gives you an outlet right to the customer! About 1 billion people are using Instagram every month, so imagine even a small percentage of users seeing your content? With some users spending even 30 minutes a day, this gives you and your business the opportunity to find your target audience with simply the use of a few hashtags.


As a relatively new app, TikTok has blown up in popularity over the last few months. As one of the more free-spirited and creative platforms, it is one of the best ways for individuals and businesses to ‘let their hair down’. With a mix of different sounds and elements incorporated into the app, it allows you to frame yourself and your product in the exact way you want! The age demographic on TikTok ranges from young children all the way to older adults. There is so much room to expand the way you can promote what you want to the audience you want!


If you have a business, you know social media is a large tool, but a lot of businesses might not be utilizing YouTube to its fullest potential. Obviously for many, the number of views per video is a large indicator of popularity, but businesses can also use it as a big advantage to encourage people to visit their website. It is all about extending the reach of your brand, which through posting different videos, it can really help to explain your business values to the viewer. It also can allow you to showcase your products and even input certain tutorials to make information more accessible for the consumer.


Snapchat has over 300 million users to date and is an easy marketing tool for businesses if it fits and works with your demographic. Generally, the average of users are below 35 years old. This social app allows you to post quick updates and give your consumers a behind the scenes look to an individual or a business. The app allows you to see story activity and engagement with users, as well as other useful analytic tools. In addition to the general functions of the app, you can also incorporate geofilters and incorporate snap-ads.


With over 2.26 billion users on Facebook, this is one of the oldest social media platforms that people are still using today. Businesses over time have worked to optimize themselves through brand pages. On brand pages, it can work for an individual or a business to include a vast amount of information and updates to their consumers or fan base. Facebook is also a review platform for customers to share their experiences with your product or business. It is also a great place to invite people to events or notifications for new releases to followers of your pages.

Why Should Businesses Indulge in Social Media?

Overall, Industry Elites wants to help businesses recognize the benefit that social media can bring and the level of exposure that you can bring your business towards.