What Does Success Look Like to You? – Oran Spencer

What Does Success Look Like to You? – Oran Spencer

A Journey of Cultural Transition and Impact

Oran Spencer, a native of Jamaica, epitomizes the transformative power of cultural transitions and their impact on personal growth. Born amidst the vibrant blend of Jamaica’s rich history, traditions, and folklore, his roots are deeply anchored in Caribbean soil. However, life took a twist, and Oran found himself transitioning to the bustling urban landscape of the Bronx, New York.

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This significant transition from Jamaica’s sunny shores to the dynamic diversity of the Bronx was more than just a change in physical location for Oran; it became a profound journey of discovery and growth. Experiencing firsthand the initial cultural shocks – from encountering unfamiliar foods and accents to navigating the unique nuances of urban life – Oran’s resilience was tested and fortified. He quickly learned the art of balancing his rich Jamaican heritage with the complexities of Bronx’s multicultural mosaic.

But Oran’s journey didn’t stop at personal growth. Recognizing the value of resilience, adaptability, and cultural duality, he became an emblem of inspiration for many navigating similar paths. His life story serves as a testament to the beauty of embracing two worlds, understanding that one’s identity can be a harmonious blend of both.

Beyond just personal adaptability, Oran’s life underscores a broader narrative on the importance of cultural transitions in today’s globalized world. He exemplifies the multifaceted personal growth that comes with such experiences: an expanded worldview, enhanced communication skills, and the invaluable ability to navigate multiple cultural identities. By bridging the gap between communities, he has contributed significantly to fostering understanding and inclusivity.

Moreover, Oran’s influence extends beyond mere personal anecdotes. As a beacon for individuals undergoing similar transitions, he often takes on roles that foster community outreach, mentorship, and unity among diverse groups. In doing so, he not only shares his story but also becomes a guidepost, helping others understand the intricacies of their journeys.

Oran Spencer’s life is a vibrant tapestry of cultural experiences, resilience, and growth. It serves as a reminder of the boundless potential that lies within each cultural transition and the richness it brings to personal narratives and broader communities alike.

Interview with Oran Spencer

How did the opportunity to volunteer your sons’ basketball team at St. Ann Academy in Backcrock, CT come about, and what motivated you to take on this role while juggling your full-time job as a Science Teacher and operating your business, Ostrong Cab Corp?

Five years ago, when St. Ann Academy needed help coaching their basketball team, I decided to volunteer my time and services. I have always been a hard worker, constantly seeking new experiences and challenges. Balancing my full-time job as a Science Teacher, my 6th Year Leadership Certification, and running Ostrong Cab Corp on the side has taught me the value of time management and the importance of having multiple streams of income. Coaching my sons’ basketball team was an opportunity to get more involved in the school community, help students reach their goals, and build networks with new people who could potentially support my growth.

How do you see coaching and volunteering your services impacting your career and personal growth?

Coaching and volunteering have been beneficial in several ways. Firstly, I believe that giving back to the community and helping others can lead to increased recognition and opportunities. Secondly, it has allowed me to expand my network and learn from others, which is crucial for personal growth and career development. As a mentor for new incoming teachers through TEAM and students with excessive absences through LEAP programs, I have learned valuable leadership skills that I aim to use on a bigger educational platform in the long term.

You have mentioned that success is measured in noticeable improvement over time. Can you share some strategies you employ to continuously improve as a coach and an entrepreneur?

Lifelong learning is key to being an effective leader and continuously improving in any field. To achieve success, I set yearly goals and create monthly benchmarks to reach them. I design weekly to-do lists to keep myself on track and ensure I make progress toward my goals every day. Celebrating small accomplishments weekly also helps me stay motivated and focused. Additionally, I believe in being dedicated and structured in my approach. I maintain set hours for work, stop when necessary, and prioritize time for family, even when work demands are unfinished.

It’s evident that your family plays an important role in your life. How have your father’s accomplishments and your family’s work ethic influenced your journey in building the family name and generational wealth for your children?

My family, especially my father’s accomplishments and the work ethic instilled in all of us, have been my role models in building a strong family legacy and generational wealth. They have taught me the value of saving money for future investment opportunities and ensuring that my children are well-prepared for their futures. My father’s example has inspired me to work hard and chase building skills and financial stability, knowing that success and other opportunities will naturally follow in time.

As someone who values routines and effectiveness, can you share some advice for individuals aspiring to become successful entrepreneurs and coaches?

Certainly! One of the most important pieces of advice I can give is to set routines that lead to effectiveness and constant success. Never give up on your goals, celebrate your achievements along the way, and always follow through with your plans. Building strong and structured routines will help you navigate the challenges of entrepreneurship and coaching, leading to long-term success.

With all your commitments and responsibilities, how do you strike a balance between work, family, and personal time?

Striking a balance between work, family, and personal time requires discipline and dedication. I set specific hours designated for work and make sure to stop when needed to prioritize my family and personal life. Regardless of work calls or unfinished tasks, I ensure that I make time for my boys and family. Planning for the day and week ahead helps me manage my time effectively, ensuring that I achieve my daily goals and have time to rest and recharge for the next day’s challenges.

What has been your driving force throughout your journey as an educator, entrepreneur, and coach?

My driving force has always been a desire to maximize the highest benefits and elevate my work ethic. I believe in constantly improving and never doubting my abilities. Whether it’s in education, entrepreneurship, or coaching, I work hard every day to reach my goals and make a positive impact on the lives of others. The satisfaction of seeing my students and players grow, improve, and succeed fuels my passion for what I do.

What long-term goals do you have for yourself as a coach and an entrepreneur?

As a coach, my long-term goal is to continue growing my coaching skills and develop strong leadership qualities that will enable me to make a difference on a larger educational platform. In my entrepreneurial journey, I aim to keep expanding my business ventures and financial stability. Ultimately, I aspire to leave a lasting legacy for my family and inspire others to chase their dreams while building generational wealth for their future generations.

What advice would you give to aspiring coaches and entrepreneurs who wish to make a meaningful impact in their communities?

My advice would be to always be dedicated and present in your endeavors. Volunteer your time and services to build meaningful connections with people who can support your growth. Remember, success is not achieved overnight, but rather through continuous effort and dedication. Work hard, never give up, and be resilient in the face of challenges. Most importantly, be a lifelong learner and stay open to opportunities for personal growth and development.

What final words of wisdom would you like to share with our readers who may be on their own journey of self-discovery and achievement?

My final words of wisdom would be to chase building skills and finance, as other successes and opportunities will follow. Understand that strong minds study patterns to understand, model, and repeat, while weak minds simply believe. Set clear goals, design actionable plans, and celebrate your accomplishments along the way. Remember, never give up on your dreams and aspirations, and always believe in the power of hard work and determination to make your goals a reality.

Key Takeaways

  • Volunteering and Networking: Oran highlights the importance of volunteering and networking as a way to gain recognition, build connections, and ultimately lead to future opportunities. Volunteering his coaching services not only allowed him to get involved in the school community but also helped him form networks with new people who supported his growth as an educator, entrepreneur, and coach.
  • Lifelong Learning and Structured Routines: Oran’s success as an educator, entrepreneur, and coach is driven by his commitment to lifelong learning and structured routines. He sets yearly goals, creates monthly benchmarks, and maintains weekly to-do lists to make consistent progress toward his objectives. His dedication to personal growth and adherence to structured routines contribute to his effectiveness and success.
  • Resilience and Family Legacy: Oran’s journey is fueled by his resilience and a strong desire to maximize benefits and elevate his work ethic. He draws inspiration from his family’s work ethic and accomplishments, aiming to build a lasting legacy and generational wealth for his children. He emphasizes the value of never doubting oneself, working hard, and constantly striving to make a positive impact on the lives of others.