What Does Success Look Like To You? – Chadwick Robertson

What Does Success Look Like To You? – Chadwick Robertson

Chadwick Robertson is a dedicated pharmacist with a robust background in pharmaceutical sales, well-versed in both local and international healthcare markets. His journey in pharmacy began after completing his post-secondary education, leading him to excel in sales before transitioning to a more strategic role. Known for his adept negotiation skills and strategic insight, Chadwick has made significant contributions to the healthcare industry. Outside of his professional life, he is committed to humanitarian efforts, advocating for accessible healthcare and sustainable initiatives. Chadwick enjoys outdoor activities like hiking and skiing, and values spending quality time with his family and friends.

Q&A with Chadwick Robertson: A Pharmacist’s Perspective on Healthcare and Real Estate

Chadwick, can you share what inspired you to embark on a career in the pharmaceutical field?

Chadwick Robertson: Absolutely. My interest in the pharmaceutical field was driven by a deep fascination with healthcare and a desire to make a tangible impact on people’s lives. I was intrigued by the complexity of the pharmaceutical industry and saw it as an avenue to combine my interest in healthcare with my skills in sales and negotiation.

How did your experience in pharmaceutical sales shape your understanding of the industry?

Chadwick Robertson: My time in pharmaceutical sales was invaluable. It gave me a broad perspective on the industry, especially understanding the needs and challenges of both local and international markets. It also honed my communication skills and gave me insight into the importance of building strong relationships with healthcare professionals.

What motivated your transition from sales to focusing on the acquisition and redevelopment of commercial properties?

Chadwick Robertson: My career has always been about seeking new challenges and opportunities for growth. The move towards real estate, particularly in the redevelopment of commercial properties, was a natural progression for me. It allowed me to leverage my negotiation skills and strategic thinking in a different context, while still being connected to the healthcare sector.

As a pharmacist, how do you approach the redevelopment of commercial properties, particularly those related to healthcare?

Chadwick Robertson: When it comes to redevelopment, my approach is always patient-centric. I believe that commercial spaces, especially those related to healthcare, should be designed with the end-user in mind. This means creating spaces that are not only functional and efficient but also contribute positively to the health and well-being of the community.

Your humanitarian efforts, particularly in promoting accessible healthcare, are commendable. Can you tell us more about your involvement in these initiatives?

Chadwick Robertson: I’ve always believed that healthcare is a fundamental right, and I strive to make it more accessible through various initiatives. My work involves collaborating with organizations that focus on providing affordable healthcare solutions and advocating for environmentally sustainable practices in healthcare. It’s about giving back to the community and making a difference where it matters most.

With such a busy professional life, how do you find balance with your personal interests and family time?

Chadwick Robertson: Balancing a demanding career with personal life is indeed a challenge, but it’s all about prioritizing and time management. I find solace in outdoor activities like hiking and skiing, which help me recharge. Spending quality time with my family and friends is also incredibly important to me. Whether it’s dining out or enjoying a quiet evening at home, these moments are precious.

What advice would you give to aspiring professionals in the pharmaceutical industry?

Chadwick Robertson: My advice would be to stay curious, be open to learning, and embrace change. The pharmaceutical industry is dynamic and constantly evolving, so being adaptable and willing to take on new challenges is crucial. Also, never underestimate the power of building strong relationships – they are key to long-term success in any field.

Finally, what does success look like to you? 

Chadwick Robertson: For me, success is all about balance and impact. In my professional life, it means making decisions that really help people through my work in the pharmaceutical field, like seeing a project I’ve worked on improve someone’s health or access to healthcare. Personally, success is about having the time to do the things I love, like enjoying the outdoors or just hanging out with my family and friends. It’s living a life full of great experiences and strong relationships, and using what I know and have to make a positive mark on the world around me.

Key Takeaways

  • Versatility and Strategic Insight in Pharmacy: Chadwick Robertson‘s transition from pharmaceutical sales to a more strategic role in the industry underscores his adaptability and depth of insight. His experience highlights the importance of understanding both the commercial and patient-centric aspects of pharmacy, showcasing how a dynamic approach can lead to significant contributions in the healthcare field.
  • Commitment to Accessible Healthcare and Sustainability: Chadwick’s dedication to humanitarian efforts, particularly in promoting accessible healthcare and environmental sustainability, emphasizes the crucial role pharmacists can play beyond dispensing medication. His work demonstrates how healthcare professionals can actively contribute to societal well-being and public health improvements.
  • Balancing Professional and Personal Life: The interview with Chadwick Robertson Pharmacist also brings to light the importance of work-life balance. His passion for outdoor activities and spending time with loved ones serves as a reminder of the value of balancing a demanding career with personal interests and relationships, ensuring overall life satisfaction and well-being.