What Does Success Look Like to You? – Craig Shults

What Does Success Look Like to You? – Craig Shults

Introducing Craig Shults

Craig Shults, a native of Upstate New York’s scenic Mohawk Valley, has consistently displayed an unyielding drive towards success. Graduating from Taft College in 2016 with an AA in General Business emphasizing Technology, he showcased an aptitude for academia early on. This was further emphasized when he secured AA degrees in Sociology, American Studies, and Social and Behavioral Sciences from Coastline College in 2023. Craig’s educational pursuits didn’t end there. The same year, he also achieved an AS degree in General Business, bolstered with certifications in the same domain. Furthermore, Craig’s dedication to academic excellence is evident as he graduated from Blackstone Career Institute with a paralegal certificate, all with high honors.

In the professional realm, Craig’s career commenced in insurance, serving as an agent from 1991 to 1994 in upstate NY, first with Combined Life Insurance of NY, followed by Metropolitan Life Insurance. This experience paved the way to a role in home improvement sales with Tristate windows. Today, Craig lends his expertise to JSL Construction, where he holds pivotal roles as Controller and CFO.

Outside his bustling professional life, Craig is a connoisseur in the kitchen, an avid traveler, and a fitness enthusiast, making regular appearances at the gym. With a heart as large as his ambition, he supports causes close to him, namely the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation and the Make-A-Wish Foundation. A true embodiment of entrepreneurship and the importance of continuing education, Craig never misses a moment to meditate, ensuring he remains balanced and focused in his endeavors.

Interview with Craig Shults: A Journey of Manifesting Ideas into Reality

Craig, you’ve mentioned that you have a knack for incepting an idea and then manifesting it into reality, whether it be in a person’s life or the marketplace. How do you start this process?

Craig Shults: Inception is about visualizing a gap or a need. Once I identify that, I focus on how to bridge that gap. But it’s not just about coming up with an idea. It’s about applying it successfully, ensuring that it truly benefits the person or market it’s intended for.

You’ve faced many obstacles in education and finance, yet you’re currently in the process of rebuilding your life. What core values guide you through these challenges?

Craig Shults: Without a doubt, my core values are honesty, integrity, discipline, and resolve. These principles keep me grounded and give me the strength to overcome any challenge that comes my way.

It’s common for entrepreneurs to face failures. Can you share a time when you faced significant losses and how you approached the situation?

Craig Shults: Absolutely. I’ve faced my fair share of losses and failures. What’s crucial is not the setback but the comeback. Whenever I’ve encountered these situations, I had to change my strategy, tactic, or process to achieve the desired result. The key is to be flexible and willing to pivot when necessary.

What drives you to continue pushing forward, especially after facing setbacks?

Craig Shults: My personal drive for success. It’s an intrinsic motivation. I’m committed to seeing my ideas come to fruition and positively impact others.

When faced with a challenge, how do you find clarity and come up with a solution?

Craig Shults: I find meditation extremely helpful. It allows me to center myself. I then do a thorough self-evaluation without making any assumptions. After this introspection, I plot out a solution and then execute.

Continuous learning seems to be a part of your journey. How do you keep updating your knowledge?

Craig Shults: I believe in lifelong learning. Whether it’s through college courses or private institutions, I always strive to expand my knowledge and stay updated with the latest developments in my field.

Success can be measured in many ways. How do you define success for your projects?

Craig Shults: I measure success simply by the number of people who benefit from the project. If my work has made a positive difference in someone’s life, then I consider it a success.

Lastly, how important is work-life balance to you?

Craig Shults: It’s extremely important. Having harmony between one’s professional life and personal life is not just beneficial for mental health, but it also enhances productivity and creativity. Achieving this balance ensures that both spheres are nurtured and thriving.

Key Takeaways

  • Incepting Ideas and Addressing Needs: For Craig, the process of inception begins with identifying a gap or need. He emphasizes not only creating an idea but ensuring its successful application to genuinely benefit the intended audience.
  • Core Values and Approach to Challenges: Craig’s foundation lies in his core values: honesty, integrity, discipline, and resolve. These principles anchor him through obstacles and guide his approach to setbacks, emphasizing the importance of flexibility, strategic pivots, and the drive to see ideas positively impact others.
  • Definition of Success and Work-life Balance: Success, for Craig, is gauged by the number of people his projects positively impact. He also stresses the significance of maintaining a harmonious balance between professional and personal spheres for optimal mental well-being and enhanced productivity.