What Does Success Look Like to You? — Dennis Crimmins

What Does Success Look Like to You? — Dennis Crimmins

Dennis Crimmins has been a structural and commercial contractor since 1982. Given his extensive industry experience and business acumen, Dennis helped build White Sands Construction – one of the largest commercial construction companies in Southern New Mexico. Since 2015, Dennis has transitioned into a development role. As the owner of WSCI LLC, Dennis operates out of Alamogordo and has worked for a wide range of national companies including numerous fast food chain restaurants, retail centers, city halls, city and state police departments, 911 centers, detention centers, and residential subdivisions. 

How have you achieved success?

I started my career working for White Sands Construction, a residential remodeling business that had an outstanding reputation in my local community. There reached a point where I was looking to move up in my career so I approached the owner about a potential promotion. It was during this meeting that I was offered to buy out the company. I accepted the proposal given its positive reputation and my knowledge of the business. Once my wife and I took over we put every resource into expanding our reach and creating further professional opportunities for ourselves.  

What obstacles have you overcome in the process

Back in the day I had staffing issues and found myself hiring the wrong types of people. My experiences have helped me grow significantly as a business professional and I now realize the importance of a comprehensive onboarding process. The business landscape is always full of unexpected challenges but it is important that you surround yourself with individuals that hold similar values and ideals about how a business should be run. 

What drives you to succeed?

The opportunities we have landed working in a wide range of industries and the wonderful people that we have had the pleasure of working alongside throughout the entire process. We operate out of Alamogordo, New Mexico and have established several professional relationships with prominent franchises and we enjoy helping them bring a vision to life. We offer both build and design services and no two projects are alike. I enjoy the fast-paced nature of the construction world and I am always learning something new. 

How has your definition of success changed over the years?

I would have to say that when I first started in the construction industry, profit was definitely my primary concern. However, given the extensive success I have had  throughout my career, I now have the option of being more selective when it comes to taking on certain projects. I work alongside designers, contractors, and suppliers on a daily basis and my work is very rewarding. 

What has success meant to you? 

To me there is no better feeling than being my own boss. I am infinitely proud of how successful my businesses have been and how far I have come since day one. Everyone measures success differently but for me it has meant challenging myself in new ways. I have had the opportunity to work on so many different projects from retail centers to city halls and residential subdivisions, I am always growing. 

Do you have advice for others on how to be successful?

My advice to others who are looking to be successful in business is to never take no for an answer and always anticipate the unexpected. Confidence is a key ingredient to success and often comes with experience. But try not to doubt yourself and have faith in your skills. 

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