What Does Success Look Like To You? – Eric Koeplin

What Does Success Look Like To You? – Eric Koeplin

Eric Koeplin, founder and CEO of Alpha Principle, stands out as a visionary in the finance industry, seamlessly blending his profound financial expertise with a deep commitment to social responsibility. With roots as an Eagle Scout and an academic background from the University of Colorado, Koeplin has carved a notable career path, including pivotal roles at AdvicePeriod and The Milestone Group. His work, celebrated by Barron’s and The Wall Street Journal, reflects his dedication to ethical investing and societal betterment. Beyond finance, Koeplin is an avid outdoor enthusiast, finding balance and rejuvenation in golf and skiing amidst the scenic Colorado landscape.

Q&A with Eric Koeplin

What motivated you to launch Alpha Principle and infuse it with such a distinct mission?

Alpha Principle was born from a fusion of my deep-rooted passion for finance and a steadfast commitment to enacting social change. My belief system, deeply intertwined with our team’s ethos, champions the cause of socially responsible investing. We’ve set out to redefine success in the financial realm by proving that it’s possible to achieve superior returns while also engaging in practices that uplift society. Our mission is to demonstrate the powerful synergy between financial prosperity and meaningful societal contributions.

Reflecting on your decorated career, to what do you credit your accolades and industry recognition?

My mantra since childhood has been to excel in all my endeavors. Beyond personal ambition, my success hinges on three pillars: respect for those I serve, unwavering dedication to client interests, and an insatiable appetite for innovation. Accolades from Barron’s and The Wall Street Journal are not just personal milestones but affirmations of our collective dedication to excellence and innovation in finance.

How have your formative experiences, particularly as an Eagle Scout, shaped your approach to business and leadership?

The principles and skills honed during my time as an Eagle Scout have deeply influenced my professional demeanor and leadership style. The Scout Law, advocating for virtues like integrity, loyalty, and kindness, has been a beacon guiding my business practices and leadership. This foundational ethos encourages goal-oriented teamwork and community engagement, principles that are deeply embedded in our company culture.

Can you discuss how previous roles influenced your vision for Alpha Principle, especially in differentiating it from traditional financial institutions?

My years spent managing my family office in the early 2020s was instrumental in shaping the ethos of Alpha Principle. My research led me to discover the potential for financial entities to foster positive societal impacts, a potential often overshadowed by a prevailing focus on self-interest within the industry. Alpha Principle is my commitment to a client-first, open architecture approach that not only aims for superior investment performance but also champions societal welfare—a true win-win in my book.

With your involvement in philanthropy, how do you strike a balance between these activities and your responsibilities at Alpha Principle?

Integrating philanthropy with professional duties is indeed a juggling act, but one that’s incredibly fulfilling. I view my philanthropic endeavors as an extension of my professional journey, leveraging the resources and skills I’ve amassed to make a broader impact. Effective time management and a holistic integration of these facets allow me to amplify the positive impact while maintaining balance.

Amidst the demands of your role, how do you find time to relax and rejuvenate?

For me, relaxation is found in the great outdoors, with golf and skiing being my go-to activities. These pursuits not only provide a physical outlet but also offer mental clarity and rejuvenation. The serene beauty of Colorado’s landscapes serves as the perfect backdrop for reflection and re-energizing, readying me for the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.

Looking forward, what are your aspirations for Alpha Principle in the evolving financial landscape?

My vision for Alpha Principle is to lead the charge in responsible investing, establishing new benchmarks for integrating financial success with societal well-being. As the financial landscape shifts, we remain committed to ethical investment practices, adaptability, and lifelong learning. Our goal is to equip our clients with the insights and tools necessary for informed investment decisions, fostering a community that values both financial excellence and societal impact.

Finally, what does success look like to you? 

For me, success is more than just making money. It’s about striking a balance where we do well in our jobs but also do good things for others. Success is seeing our clients reach their financial dreams while also helping out the world in some way. It’s about the good changes we bring to our communities and leaving a positive mark that lasts. True success is looking back and seeing both the financial wins and the good deeds we’ve done, and feeling proud of the difference we’ve made.

Key Takeaways

  • Purpose-Driven Finance: Eric Koeplin emphasizes the integration of personal values and social responsibility with financial success, advocating for investment strategies that not only yield returns but also contribute positively to society.
  • Client-First Ethos: Koeplin highlights a commitment to prioritizing client interests and delivering superior investment performance within an ethical framework, setting Alpha Principle apart from traditional profit-focused financial institutions.
  • Balanced Success: For Koeplin, true success combines achieving financial goals with making a meaningful societal impact, reflecting a holistic approach to wealth management that values both financial health and positive social change.