What Does Success Look Like to You? – Javid Javdani

What Does Success Look Like to You? – Javid Javdani

Javid Javdani is a distinguished Doctor of Pharmacy and a seasoned entrepreneur based in San Diego, California. Born in the aftermath of the Iranian Revolution, Javid relocated to the United States in 1982. After high school, he supported himself through various jobs, gaining early business insights at a car wash, a gas station, and in restaurants. These experiences laid the foundation for his strong work ethic and business acumen.

Javid pursued higher education at California State Polytechnic University-Pomona, where he earned a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry. He furthered his education at the University of the Pacific, obtaining a Doctor of Pharmacy degree in 1994. His professional career began in earnest in San Diego, where he worked as a pharmacist before serving as the Director of Pharmacy at Kindred Healthcare for nearly 19 years.

Driven by entrepreneurial spirit, Javid ventured into the retail sector by acquiring a small grocery store catering primarily to the Persian community. He expanded the store’s offerings to include a diverse range of international products, significantly growing its customer base. His business now includes a restaurant and catering service, enhancing his role as a community provider.

Javid’s approach to business emphasizes community engagement, service, and direct customer interaction. His success is anchored in his ability to forge strong connections, adapt to market needs, and innovate. Outside of his professional life, Javid cherishes time with his wife and daughter, embodying his belief in the importance of family and community service.

Q&A with Javid Javdani: Bridging Pharmacy and International Food Markets

What does success mean to you, and how has your definition evolved over your career?

How do you define personal and professional success, and have these definitions changed as you’ve gained more experience and faced different challenges throughout your career?

How important is the role of failure in achieving success?

Can you discuss how encountering failures and setbacks has shaped your approach to business and personal growth, and what lessons you’ve drawn from those experiences?

What role does ethics play in your definition of success?

How do you integrate ethical considerations into your business practices, and why do you believe ethics are critical to achieving long-term success in any endeavor?

How do you balance ambition with contentment in your career?

What strategies do you use to pursue growth and improvement while also appreciating your current achievements and maintaining satisfaction with what you’ve already accomplished?

What advice would you give to someone who feels they haven’t achieved success despite their best efforts?

What would you say to individuals who are struggling to meet their own expectations or societal standards of success, especially those early in their careers or in the midst of a career transition?

What inspired you to transition from pharmacy to owning an international food market?

My journey into owning an international food market began somewhat serendipitously. While working as a pharmacist, I discovered a small grocery store next to a potential pharmacy site that was up for sale. The store primarily served the local Persian community, and I saw a tremendous opportunity to expand its offerings and cater to a broader demographic. This blend of healthcare and community service seemed like a natural extension of my skills and interests, and it allowed me to engage more directly with my community.

How have your skills as a pharmacist benefited your approach to running a food market?

The discipline and attention to detail required in pharmacy have been invaluable in managing the complexities of a food market. Ensuring quality control, managing inventory, and maintaining regulatory compliance are skills I honed as a pharmacist and are just as critical in the food industry. Additionally, my background in healthcare has instilled a strong sense of customer care, which translates into providing excellent service and building trust with my customers.

What are the key factors to success in managing both a pharmacy and a food market?

Success in both pharmacy and food retail hinges on a few core principles: understanding your customer’s needs, maintaining high standards of quality, and continually adapting to market changes. It’s also crucial to build a reliable team who shares your vision and commitment. Whether it’s health or food, the goal is to enrich lives, and that starts with a passionate and dedicated team.

What challenges did you face in establishing and growing your international food market?

One of the biggest challenges was navigating the complexities of sourcing authentic international products. It’s crucial to ensure that the products are not only genuine but also meet all local and international standards. Another challenge has been adapting to the cultural nuances and dietary preferences of a diverse customer base, requiring ongoing learning and adjustments to our product offerings.

Can you share a rewarding moment from your career in the international food market?

There have been many, but one particularly rewarding moment was when a customer thanked me for bringing a taste of her homeland to San Diego. She shared that our market made her feel connected to her roots and less homesick. Moments like these remind me of the impact our work has on people’s lives, transcending mere business to foster a sense of community and belonging.

What advice would you give to pharmacists or professionals considering a career change into entrepreneurship?

My advice would be to leverage your existing skills and look for opportunities where you can meet a unique need. Entrepreneurship often involves stepping into unfamiliar territory, so it’s important to be adaptable, resilient, and willing to learn continually. Also, don’t underestimate the importance of community engagement. Understanding and connecting with your community can open doors and provide insights that are invaluable to any business venture.

Looking forward, what are your plans for the future of your market?

I plan to continue expanding the range of international products and possibly explore online avenues to make our products more accessible to a wider audience. Additionally, I’m looking at incorporating more community-based events and cooking classes to enhance our customers’ experience and deepen our community ties. The goal is to make the market not just a place to shop but a cultural hub where people can learn, share, and grow together.

Key Takeaways from Javid Javdani’s Perspectives on Success

  • Evolving Definition of Success: Javid Javdani views success as a dynamic concept, one that has matured and shifted throughout his career. Initially, success might have been about achieving professional milestones or financial stability. However, as he faced various challenges and garnered more experience, his definition expanded to encompass the ability to make a positive impact on the community and foster a healthy work-life balance. This broadened perspective highlights that success is not static but evolves with personal growth and life experiences.
  • The Role of Failure in Growth: Javid emphasizes the importance of embracing failure as a stepping stone to success. He shares that encountering setbacks has been crucial in shaping his approach to both business and personal growth. Each failure brought valuable lessons that refined his strategies and decision-making processes. This approach aligns with the idea that enduring and learning from failures can propel an individual toward greater achievements, providing depth to their understanding of success.
  • Integration of Ethics in Business: For Javid, ethical practices are not just additional components but are central to achieving true success. He insists on integrating ethical considerations into every aspect of his business operations, from sourcing products to interacting with customers. This commitment ensures long-term sustainability and fosters trust among consumers and partners alike. Javid’s focus on ethics underscores the belief that success achieved without integrity is fleeting and less fulfilling.