What Does Success Look Like to You? – Marco Bitran

What Does Success Look Like to You? – Marco Bitran

Marco Bitran is an entrepreneur and real estate investor based out of Boston, Massachusetts. After graduating with a Bachelor’s degree in engineering from MIT, he went on to pursue a wide range of business opportunities for several industry-leading organizations including, Qualcomm and Morgan Stanley. Recognizing his passion for entrepreneurship, Marco went on to attend Harvard Business School and obtained his degree in 2003.
Marco is now one of the principals of Isalia Property Group – a real estate development company focused on rebuilding communities in the Boston area. With decades of professional experience, Marco and his team work alongside residents to help neighborhoods thrive.

Marco is also an active member of his local community. As a certified air pilot, Marco volunteers for a number of organizations including Angel Flight and PALS.

How have you achieved success?

I am so grateful for the amount of success we have had since the company’s inception over a decade ago. As someone who values innovation, we work tirelessly to put our best foot forward. During our early days, we started with investments only. Now, we have a great portfolio of property within Massachusetts and Tennessee. We have been fortunate enough to have made great investments and we look forward to future opportunities.

What obstacles have you overcome in the process?

Real estate is a creative process and therefore there is a lot of trial and error. Thankfully I have a qualified team of industry-leading professionals to help me navigate certain challenges I may face along the way. When we first established Isalia Property Group, I had difficulty delegating certain tasks. As an entrepreneur with years of experience, it is easy to get carried away with a long list of tasks. However, as our firm grew, I knew I needed to expand our staff and accept the necessary help.

What drives you to succeed?

I think my greatest success is the work we do within local communities. We have partnered with various developers to establish affordable housing units, such as the Urban League of Eastern Massachusetts and Madison Park in Boston. Our primary goal is to strengthen neighborhoods and I take great pride in helping individuals in need. I am constantly motivated by the work we do throughout Boston.

How has your definition of success changed over the years?

When we first started out, profit was of course a primary concern, as well as ensuring that we remain afloat. However, now, over the years we have been able to prioritize more of our effort on projects that help build communities. We have partnered with a number of organizations and now own properties in Boston, Worcester, Fall River, Everett and New Bedford.

What has success meant to you?

Success to me is having the opportunity to do what I love every day. I get to work alongside my wife, and we have built a company from the ground up.

Do you have advice for others on how to be successful?

While obtaining a mentor can serve as a vital source of information when it comes to navigating certain challenges, I would also advise young entrepreneurs to follow their own instincts. In the business landscape you will receive a lot of unprecedented advice, but it is important to focus on your own strategies while developing a comprehensive plan of action.

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