What Does Success Look Like to You? — Michael Cherry

What Does Success Look Like to You? — Michael Cherry

Michael Cherry was born on July 22, 1943. He graduated from the University of Michigan earning his bachelor’s degree in 1967. He continued his education by working his way through night school graduating a semester early and receiving the Outstanding Scholarship Award by members of the junior class and the award for the Top Wills Trusts Suit. Ultimately, obtaining his J.D. from the very prestigious Detroit College of Law with honors in 1974. 

Over the past several decades, Mr. Cherry has assisted many families while specializing in Family, Juvenile, and Criminal Law. He worked with the law firm of Riley and Roumell until 1990, when he worked as an Associate for the law firm of Lacey and Jones, focusing on Workers’ Compensation Defense. In 1978 David was appointed as a special assistant attorney general. By 1992 Michael made the decision to open a private practice and operate independently. That decision continues to sustain a thriving practice ever since. 

Although Michael continues his private practice law firm, he has earned the privilege of doing business on his own terms. He has been able to lighten his caseload and devote more time to his passion for the sport of running in marathons and seeing the sights as he tours each continent around the world. 

Michael is a long-distance runner who has achieved a qualifying status that has enabled him to run in major races on five, soon to be six continents. He has completed 15 marathons. He is an avid advocate for living a healthy lifestyle and believes in self-discipline, eating well, and daily exercise. He continues to run daily including it in his morning regimen. Michael, at times, will work in time during his workday to go to the gym for a workout. 

Can you share your experience in your early days as an attorney? 

In the early days after I earned my law degree, I worked in Macomb County Michigan. My first law firm was Riley and Roumell. I practiced general law for several years before I transitioned to workers’ compensation defense for the law firm of Lacy and Jones. Ultimately I opened my private practice in 1992.

How have you achieved success? 

I believe in the integrity of my work. I leave no stone unturned when working with a client. I treat my clients thoroughly and with transparency. I have never had a complaint from any client in all my years in practice.

What obstacles have you overcome on your road to success?

I worked my way through law school attending classes at night and working a full-time job. I graduated a semester early while attending night school. Outstanding Scholarship Award by members of the junior class and the award for the Top Wills Trusts Suit.

I never started racing until I was age 48. I began a regimen of regular exercise two years later and completed my first 36-mile marathon and I’ve done 15 of them since. I’ve run major races on five of the seven continents. I am regularly on the podium in my age group for all the races that I run.

What drove you to achieve success?

I wanted to make myself a better person and use the talents that I have intellectually and physically. I challenged myself when I went to Detroit College of Law which is one of the most prestigious law schools in the country.

How has your definition of success changed over the years?

When I was younger I considered money to be most important. Having a successful practice after all these years has made me appreciate being able to have the time not only to fulfill my passion for traveling and running marathons, I enjoy helping others.


When you first started practicing did you have a different perspective? 

I was extremely money motivated after I finished my training. Over the years I had great satisfaction being able to help people.

What has success meant to you?

It is a feeling of well-being and there is a great sense of satisfaction. It means having more time to exercise, travel, and run marathons. I am physically fit and many people think that I am fifteen years younger according to my appearance.

How do you feel achieving success affects a person’s outlook?

 Achieving success affects a person’s entire perspective on life. It enhances your self-esteem, provides the feeling of accomplishment, and provides a sense of well-being.

Do you have advice for anybody who is working to achieve their definition of success?

The advice I would give to others who are working to be successful as an attorney would be, to be honest, and transparent with people and your clients. You should keep your contacts and network with colleagues. The heart of the work is being able to have great research for your clients.

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