What Does Success Look Like to You? – Sean Glasser

What Does Success Look Like to You? – Sean Glasser

Sean Glasser is a distinguished entrepreneur and the co-founder and CEO of BLUETRACK Inc. His remarkable journey from humble beginnings to entrepreneurial success serves as an inspiring testament to determination, adaptability, and unwavering dedication.

Born in Jersey City as the youngest of three brothers, Sean’s entrepreneurial spirit began to shine early. During high school, he demonstrated his business acumen by creating a Geometry study guide to help fellow students prepare for the SAT, which he successfully sold for $12 each. However, it was during his college years that his entrepreneurial journey truly took flight.

Sean’s academic excellence earned him a rare Vice-Presidential nomination to the U.S. Military Academy at West Point. Later, he transferred to Seton Hall University on a full academic scholarship, majoring in Criminal Justice with aspirations of becoming an FBI agent. The tragic events of September 11, 2001, living just minutes away from the World Trade Center, deeply impacted Sean. In response, he raised funds for the NYPD and FDNY by selling memorial-related apparel on eBay, igniting his passion for online selling.

After charitable work on eBay, Sean ventured into opportunities to generate extra income while still in college. He discovered a company selling Tirefly wheel lights, leading to his venture into buying and selling their products on eBay. Sean’s relentless work ethic, meticulous attention to detail, and innate marketing skills allowed him to dominate the eBay marketplace.

Upon graduating, Sean Glasser joined forces with his college friend, Sage Katakura, to co-found BLUETRACK. Despite having limited experience in the field, they dedicated themselves to mastering the intricacies of printing, marketing, and running a business. Their persistence paid off as BLUETRACK gained the trust of prominent brands, becoming a leading source of stress balls and acquiring the domain stressballs.com.

Today, Sean serves as the CEO of BLUETRACK, leading the company to expand its product offerings and achieve even greater heights. His journey serves as an inspiration to aspiring entrepreneurs, encouraging them to persevere through challenges and turn their dreams into reality.

Sean Glasser

Q&A with Sean Glasser of Bluetrack, Inc.

Interviewer: Good day, Sean. Thank you for joining us today. Could you start by telling us about your journey into entrepreneurship?

Sean Glasser: Of course, it’s a pleasure to be here. My journey into entrepreneurship began in high school. Math was one of my strongest subjects and used to have fellow students ask often to go over topics or share my notes.  I saw a need and created a Geometry study guide using an early graphic design program I had.  I had them printed and binded at a local Staples and sold quite a lot of them.

Interviewer: That’s interesting. Can you share more about the pivotal moments in your journey?

Sean Glasser: Certainly. One of the most significant moments was the tragic events of September 11, 2001. I lived in Jersey City at the time, right across the Hudson River.  You could see the twin towers from my parents’ bedroom. In response to the crisis, I started raising funds for the NYPD and FDNY relief charities by selling memorial-related apparel on eBay. This experience ignited my passion for online selling and set the stage for my entrepreneurial endeavors.

Interviewer: How did you transition from selling memorabilia on eBay to starting your own business?

Sean Glasser: After my charity work on eBay, I was looking for ways to earn extra income while still in college. I discovered a company selling Tirefly wheel lights and began buying their products and selling them on eBay. Through hard work, attention to detail, and a knack for marketing, I was able to dominate the eBay marketplace. It was during this time that I realized the potential of creating my own business.

Interviewer: Fascinating. So, what led you to co-found BLUETRACK?

Sean Glasser: I started BLUETRACK sophomore year of college but it wasn’t until I graduated that we really started to grow.  I approached my college friend, Sage Katakura, with the idea of opening our own print shop and rented a place in West New York, NJ.   Despite having little experience, we were determined to learn the intricacies of printing, marketing, and running a business. The early days of BLUETRACK were marked by tireless work and dedication.

Interviewer: It’s impressive how far you’ve come. Can you share some of the challenges you faced while building BLUETRACK?

Sean Glasser: The early days of BLUETRACK were undoubtedly challenging. We worked 80-100 hour weeks and often earned just $100 a week. It was a period of immense sacrifice as we focused on building our business and gaining the trust of larger brands. Learning how to print, pitch our products, and navigate the competitive landscape were all part of the early journey. In fact, we have been in business now 21+ years and the challenges don’t stop coming.  You only learn to grow from them better.

Interviewer: And now, BLUETRACK serves prominent brands like Google and Disney. What do you attribute to this remarkable success?

Sean Glasser: Remarkable brands look for reliable service that is executed well.  Most companies fail to work on themselves to the point they can provide reliable, consistent top notch service time and time again.  We have had a long road but understood along the way there are no shortcuts and you need to continually get better and deliver above and beyond.  When famous brands experience that service they usually stay and eventually the word spreads to other great brands.

Interviewer: That’s excellent advice for aspiring entrepreneurs. Looking ahead, what are your future goals for BLUETRACK, and where do you see yourself in the next five years?

Sean Glasser: We’re constantly pushing boundaries and aiming to become a household name in the marketing products industry. We want BLUETRACK to be a shining example of exceptional customer service and innovation. Personally, I hope to see my family continue to grow, and I plan to pursue further education by obtaining my graduate degree, something I’ve postponed due to the demands of building our business and most recently the pandemic.

Interviewer: Those are ambitious goals. Can you share a personal motto or quote that inspires you in your entrepreneurial journey?

Sean Glasser: “A smooth sea never made a skilled sailor” by Franklin Roosevelt is a quote that resonates with me. It reminds me that challenges and adversity are a part of the journey to success, and it’s through facing those challenges that we grow and become better entrepreneurs.

Interviewer: Thank you for sharing your journey, Sean. Before we conclude, can you tell us, what does success look like to you?

Sean Glasser: To me, success is about achieving a balance between personal and professional fulfillment. It’s not just about financial accomplishments alone, although they are undoubtedly important in business. Success also means having a positive impact on the lives of the people around me, whether it’s my family, my team at BLUETRACK, or our valued customers. It’s about continuous growth, both as an individual and as a company, and making a meaningful difference in the world. Ultimately, success is a journey rather than a destination, and it’s marked by the pursuit of excellence and the ability to adapt and thrive in the face of challenges.

Interviewer: Thank you, Sean, for sharing your inspiring journey and valuable insights into entrepreneurship. We wish you and BLUETRACK continued success in the future.

Sean Glasser: Thank you for having me. It’s been a pleasure discussing my journey, and I hope it can inspire others on their entrepreneurial path.

Key Takeaways

  • Entrepreneurial Inspiration: Sean Glasser’s journey from a high school student selling study guides to a successful entrepreneur demonstrates the power of passion and early entrepreneurial experiences in shaping one’s path.
  • Overcoming Adversity: Sean’s response to the tragic events of 9/11, where he raised funds for the NYPD and FDNY through online selling, highlights how adversity can lead to unexpected opportunities and a shift in career aspirations.
  • Customer-Centric Success: BLUETRACK’s remarkable growth, serving major brands like Google and Disney, underscores the importance of prioritizing customers and building trust to achieve lasting success in the competitive business world.