What Does Success Look Like to You? — Todd Leopold

What Does Success Look Like to You? — Todd Leopold

With an impressive career spanning two decades Todd Leopold has served in public leadership positions for various city, county, and regional organizations. Having grown up in Thornton, Colorado, Todd’s father’s city council experience encouraged him to pursue a career in local government. Todd obtained an Associate’s Degree from Southeast Community College in Beatrice, Nebraska, and graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Political Science from Eastern New Mexico University. He also went on to earn a Master’s of Public Administration from the University of Colorado at Denver. 

After completing his post-secondary education, Todd spent twelve years working for Jefferson County in a variety of roles, most notably as Administrative Services Director. He was recruited to Adams County to serve in an executive leadership capacity filling the positions of the deputy county manager and county manager during his tenure with the county.

Todd Leopold is currently working for the State of Colorado, where assists the various cities, counties and special districts throughout the State, bringing a wealth of knowledge and experience into his role. 


How have you achieved success?

Success, to me, is seeing the tangible benefits of making a difference within a community. When I was growing up, my family believed in the importance of serving your community.  This was intentional as my father served on city council for a number of years. Witnessing his dedication to his role inspired me to pursue a career in public service. I completed my post-secondary education and then took on a number of roles for various cities and districts. I wanted to cultivate positive change in communities where I lived and worked. For me, boots on the ground work is always the most rewarding because you’re able to see the direct impact of all of your hard work. 


What drives you to succeed?

There are many different ways to measure success; however, I know that adding value to people’s lives is number one on my list. Working in public service is challenging and comes with a lot of responsibility. I need to be flexible and willing to collaborate. Identifying long-term solutions is a key component of my work, and I wake up every day knowing that my position and the work I do, can positively impact a community.


What has achieving success meant to you?

I have worked for a number of counties over the last twenty-five years and I have seen firsthand the result of our efforts. I am currently working for the State of Colorado and I am coordinating on projects with districts throughout the state. However, despite my professional achievements, family is always my number one priority. Having a family and support system has been instrumental to my own successes and how far I have come. You want loved ones around when times get hard. Maintaining a work life balance is also crucial. Regardless of how busy I am at work I will always make time to de-stress. We live in Colorado so my wife and I like to take advantage of the outdoors whenever we can. 


Do you have advice for others on how to be successful?

The best advice I can give is to maintain a strong focus on your goals. There will always be hurdles to overcome but the best thing you can do is take a step back and assess the situation. Determine the best course of action and then re-evaluate your path to success. Circumstances change, it’s how you are willing to adapt and respond in the face of adversity that counts. 


How do you feel a person reaching their definition of success affects their outlook?

When I first started out in my career, success was about landing a position that would offer job security and benefits. Now, with all of my experience, success to me is helping improve people’s lives. It’s okay to take risks if it means that there is a chance it will make a positive difference. I try to select projects that are close to my heart, where I can actually help rebuild communities. I think it’s important to be passionate about what it is that you do. 


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